Licencia para C9200 Cisco DNA Essentials, 48-port, 3 Year Ver más grande

Licencia para C9200 Cisco DNA Essentials, 48-port, 3 Year



The Cisco Catalyst 9000 family of switches introduces a new and simplified licensing package in the form of base and add-on licenses. License consumption is easily determined by the package itself. While perpetual licenses are always permanent and without an expiration date, subscription licenses have to be purchased for a 3-, 5-, or 7-year term (and hence are also known as term-based licenses). Table 12 shows the combinations of perpetual and subscription licenses that must be purchased.

Network essentials Features on Cisco Catalyst uplink switches:
- Switch fundamentals: Layer 2, Routed Access (RIP, EIGRP Stub, OSPF -– 1000 routes), PBR, PIM Stub Multicast (1000 routes), PVLAN, VRRP, PBR, CDP, QoS, FHS, 802.1X, MACsec-128, CoPP, SXP, IP SLA Responder,SSO.
- Automation: NETCONF, RESTCONF, YANG, PnP Agent, PnP.
- Telemetry and visibility: Model-driven telemetry, sampled NetFlow, SPAN, RSPAN
- Security: MACsec-128
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