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El módulo PS-GG45 7A es un módulo blindado, compatible con RJ45 y especificado hasta 1000 MHz. Fue desarrollado especialmente para aplicaciones de más de 10-Gigabit Ethernet con anchos de banda más altos. Cuando se utiliza junto con los cables de datos Cat.7A y latiguillos, cumple todos los requisitos de clase FA para el canal 4 conectores según ISO/IEC...

Más detalles

PS-GG45 7A Module, “Two-in-One“ connector, shielded, Category 7A backward compatible to RJ45.

- The PS-GG45 7A module is a shielded module, compatible with RJ45 and specified up to 1000 MHz.
- It was developed especially for applications beyond 10-gigabit Ethernet with highest bandwidths.
- When used together with Cat. 7A data cables and patch cords, it enables to fulfil all Class FA requirements for the 4-connector Channel in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801 Amendment 1:2008.
- The “Two-in-One“ module has 12 contacts that work in two different transmission modes: Standard = RJ45 and High-Speed = GG45.
- Useable for Power over Ethenet Plus (PoE+) corresponding to IEEE 802.3at.
- Robust zinc die casting housing with Keystone clip for easy installation in patch panels and faceplates with Keystone openings.
- Quick and reliable wire-connections with the termination tool for GG45.
- Depending on the plug that is used (RJ45 or GG45) there are 8 out of 12 contacts enabled:
- the RJ45 plug uses the 8 contacts on the top-level,
- the GG45 plug enables the 8 contacts in the upper and lower corners.
- The 360° braid connection supplies best Coupling Attenuation values and provides for immunity against Alien Crosstalk or other external influences.

Mechanical properties:
- Solid copper wire. 0.51 mm (AWG 24) to 0.65 mm (AWG 22)
- Diameter over insulation: 0.7 mm to 1.4 mm (1.6 mm)
- Version for stranded copper wire: AWG 24 up to AWG 27
- Stranded wire: 7 bare stranded wires

General properties:
- Termination: Pair configuration according to T568- A or T568-B, clearly marked with a colour code.
- Mounting: Suitable for Keystone openings in, accordance with ISO/IEC 60603-7

- Cat./Class: Cat.7A / Class FA
- Standards: IEC 60603-7-71 (Cat.7A shielded, 1000 MHz), ISO/IEC 11801:2002 / Amd.2:2010, EN 50173-1:2011

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